Why Having Debt Was A Good Thing For Us

I know what you’re thinking… How in the world can debt actually be beneficial? Well for us, it’s been a huge blessing in disguise. Before Craig and I met each other, we were knee deep in credit card debt. We knew that it was wrong to have accumulated so much debt, but we assumed it was the norm for people our age trying to make it. And speaking of norms for our age, not only did we have credit card debt, but a huge pile of student loans. We knew that something had to give and once we finally decided to make a financial change, we ultimately noticed how much money was being wasted.

Honesty time…

We learned that one of the worst things we were doing with our money was being unintentional. I’m the type of person who likes to have a plan, for everything… And when you start to recognize that you’re not actually planning and merely surviving, it’s time to make a change.

So what’s the good about all of this!?!

We’ve learned so many skills and new behaviors throughout the process of paying off debt. Skills that have not only benefited us but have managed to shift my entire career goals! Before I met Craig, I had around $5-$6k in credit card debt. I had a plan to pay it off as quickly as possible after I graduated college because I knew it was unhealthy for my financial life. BUT would that really solve the underlying issue? Hell no. What we’ve learned is that accumulating debt and then paying it off isn’t the root cause of the problem; our behaviors are.

When we decided to go through our debt payoff process, we weren’t simply eliminating debt. We had to make the conscious decision to throw our current habits out the door and create new ones. Without the painful recognition of debt, we never would have made the necessary changes to get out of our unhealthy debt cycle. Debt has taught us discipline, when to say no, and the appropriate time to say yes! Needless to say, our debt has shaped our goals in so many ways for the better!

What we want to accomplish:

The obvious goal we want to accomplish is to become debt free, but there’s so much more! Some of our financial goals are to:

  • Cash flow our entire wedding and honeymoon
  • Put a hefty down payment on our first home
  • Spread the knowledge we’ve learned to help others

That last goal is definitely a priority for myself. There are so many people in need of accountability and guidance, and I’m here for you! The best part of it all: I’m going through it too but we all need a plan to make what matters happen!

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