The Must Have Tools for Success in 2021

The Must Have Tools for Success in 2021
Images by Cultivate What Matters and Simplified

I’m going to highlight the must have tools for success in 2021 that have helped me throughout the years! These tools have walked me through paying off debt, moving out of my parent’s house, grow in my soon-to-be marriage, and grow my business! I don’t think I could have accomplished half of my goals without these tools, let alone set intentional ones.

The 2021 PowerSheets

The 2021 PowerSheets by Cultivate What Matters I The Must Have Tools for Success in 2021
Image by Cultivate What Matters

Cultivate What Matters has been selling the PowerSheets for 10 YEARS now! Their 3-step proven process has helped thousands of women reach their goals! I started using them in 2015 and have reached so many goals I never thought were possible. They start with the prep-work to dive into what really matters to you. You’ll uncover the intention behind your year and set meaningful goals to reach them!

My favorite part of the PowerSheets? The quarterly refresh of your goals to see exactly where you’re at and the little-by-little progress you’re making! Every three months you get to refresh your goals so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or your goals have changed, it’s got you covered!

The Cultivate What Matters 2021 PowerSheets quarterly refresh evaluation
Image by Cultivate What Matters

The Tending List is used on a monthly basis that breaks down your goals to monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Maybe you want to keep up with your weekly cleaning routine or drink more water everyday. The PowerSheets have you covered! It’s not about the all-at-once goals, but the little by little progress you make every single day to reach your goals for the year!

If you’re wanting to set intentional and meaningful goals this year, the 2021 PowerSheets are right up your alley!

The Not-so-Average Budgeting Spreadsheet

The Must Have Tools for Success in 2021 I Your not-so-average budgeting spreadsheet

This spreadsheet has allowed us to pay off $25k in debt this year while still maintaining a balanced lifestyle! When I started creating this for personal use, I considered all the tools I currently use and how they would work together. From planning for the next month, to my current month’s goals, this budgeting spreadsheet has allowed me to achieve my financial, personal, and business goals!

Start off 2021 by not only planning your life, but your money. Go from being stressed out and un-organzied to a fully confident and consistent budgeter this year! Your not-so-average budgeting spreadsheet allows you to create an easy budget that will keep you motivated and informed, all year round.

The Simplified Planner

The 2021 Daily Simplified Planner I The Must Have Tools for Success in 2021
Image by Simplified

Since 2012, Simplified has been helping thousands of women simplify their lives through their cornerstone product, The Simplified Planner. The planner gives way for a fresh start every single day and make room for what matters most! We can easily get swept away in the hustle of life and find that weeks are passing by. With the help of the Simplified Planner, you’re able to plan out your day with intention!

They offer two different spreads, the daily and the weekly! Of course this all depends on preference, but I’ve tried both versions throughout the year and you can’t go wrong with either! They also have monthly calendars and dates for important holidays listed. You won’t forget anything with these!

The Simplified Planner spreads for 2021 that include a monthly calendar and important holidays
Images by Simplified

There are so many different options today for planners and ways to set goals, but these tools together have transformed my life year by year! If you’ve been looking for a system for success to keep you on track, look no further because these two must have tools will certainly get you where you want to be!

The Five Minute Journal App

If you’re looking for gratitude on the daily, this is your pal! The Five Minute Journal App asks your three morning questions designed to instill gratitude and set purpose for your day. If you’re someone who has always wanted to journal, but can’t commit to writing regularly, this tool would be perfect for you!

This app gives you the benefits of journaling and it’s up to you on how short and sweet or meaningful and long you want it to be! End each day with reflection and find how you can improve your tomorrow. The Five Minute Journal goes so well with all three of these tools because while we’re busy focusing on the bigger picture, we can take a moment each day to reflect on the now.

These must have tools for success in 2021 are investments you will not regret!

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