Life Updates!

With all of the big changes happening right now, I thought it would be a perfect time to share a few life updates with you!

We most recently brought a puppy home! His name is Cooper and he’s a Golden Retriever! He’s the sweetest pup and loves to snuggle. Coop has been so good with training, it almost feels too easy. But when treats are involved, who doesn’t listen!?!

Life Updates including our new puppy!
Photography by Megan Bennett Photography

I’m not going to lie, the first week was rough and to be completely honest, I was struggling. I don’t think I was ready for such a large shift in our life. But I’m so glad we did this before starting a family, it makes it so much more enjoyable! Read more about our story here!

Leaving My 9 to 5

Yep. I left my job voluntarily during a pandemic. Was that an easy decision? Hell to the no. I spent months beforehand working towards this being my ultimate end goal and I must say, I’m glad I did it.

I felt completely restricted and was so burnt out from month after month of coming home from work and going right back to work on my business. I quickly realized that accounting wasn’t necessarily my end all be all. I didn’t have the same passion and drive for it as I did when I first started working in that field 5 years ago.

There is a huge sense of freedom working for yourself but also a tremendous amount of pressure. There is no guarantee income or cliental or way of doing things. You have to create all of that. It’s been a challenge but I’m loving it!

Taking Over the Family Business

My parents started their landscaping company back in 1991 and it’s officially their 30th year in business! Needless to say, they are tired!

My siblings and I have been involved with the business forever. It is truly a family business. We decided it was time to take an even bigger role in the family business by leading it! This year, I am taking over all of the financials and accounting, my sister is head of marketing and customer relations, and my brother is our crew leader.

Photography by Sister Social Media

My dad has been working like a horse since day one and we all agreed that we want him to take on a different role, Grandpop. He’ll still be in charge of equipment maintenance since he knows all the things, but the day to day is all on my brother. And I must say, he’s ready for it!

My mom is our rock of the family. She keeps us all grounded and is the truly the OG of making things happen. No matter the hurdle, she gets it done! She’s had this lifelong dream of starting a construction/development company called Dantra. Her goal is to bring over a booming concept from the West Coast and bring it over to the East! I’ll share more soon but needless to say, she’s keeping my man busy too!

Thank you so much for reading these life updates! I want to share more every quarter because there are so many new changes happening this year!

Talk soon!

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