How to Plan For a New Pet

You’re getting a new fur friend? CONGRATS!! We brought home our sweet Golden Retriever in January and it’s been such a fun and tiring experience! Not going to lie, there are so many things we wish we were more prepared for and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on how to plan for a new pet!

Get the Money, Honey

The second you know you want to bring a new pet home, start a sinking fund! They’re a great way to prepare yourself financially for a new pet. There are initial costs to bringing home a new pet and the costs can vary depending on where you live. If you know those costs, you’ll want to start that sinking fund immediately!! Learn more about sinking funds by checking out my post here!

We started a sinking fund four months before we brought our pup home! We knew we needed around $1,500 to “purchase” the puppy and for additional costs like toys, treats, food, bowls, etc. Fortunately we were so lucky that family gifted us baby gates and a crate! If you know someone who had a younger animal, don’t be afraid to ask for those hand me downs! It saves you lots of money!

Not only do you have the initial costs of brining a new pet home, but you also have future expenses. Trips to the vet can be expensive… Our first visit was almost $300 (this does include a vaccine program we enrolled in!). But, emergency and routine vet visits do add up! Establishing another sinking fund for those expenses is so important to avoid adding to your debt.

You’ll also need to get the house prepped for your new addition! These items add up too, so having a nice sinking fund or making room in your budget for these things helps so much!

photos from our first couple of days!

Preparing the House

You’re going to need a lot of distracting and time consuming toys! Luckily I work from home and could be with Cooper throughout the day to keep an eye on him. But, mommy still has work to do! Treats and toys will do the trick! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Kong Classic Dog Toy
  • Training treats (We love the brands True Acre Foods & Blue Buffalo)
  • Plush Toys – they love the sqeaky sound!
  • Rope & Tug Toys

I highly recommend signing up with Chewy! They’ve been my go-to for years and absolutely love their auto-ship system! Just like kids, puppies get tired of the same toys too. I also highly suggest getting the subscription system, Bark Box, for the first six months. They have great products and it’s so fun to get new toys and treats every month. You’ll never run out!

Ready for your new best friend?!

I’m so excited for you and really hope that these suggestions on how to plan for a new pet has been helpful for you! Send me an email or comment below if it has!

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