One of the most essential parts of being financially fit is to learn how to manage your money. Like most things, you can't just expect it to be "one size fits all". I help my clients transform their finances by overhauling the way they look at their money. Together we create a plan to fix their current situation to make their money work for them! 

I'm Kate, your coffee drinking, goal settin', type-A budget bestie.

That's right. Let's get to know each other and see how well we hit it off. If you are looking for someone to help you uplevel your finances, I'm here for you!

My parents are entrepreneurs, and in our house it was either feast or famine. We either had it or we didn't. So with my worrisome and nosey nature, I was always trying to find ways to get more money or save where I could. 
I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from watching my parents create the life they designed themselves. But, I didn't know what I wanted to "preneu" yet, so I went to college hoping to find that answer! I was lucky enough that my parents helped me pay for most of my education, but it wasn't until I met my now-fiance where I realized how crippling the student loan crisis is! 
Once we made the life changing decision to leave the life of "being the borrower" to complete control of our finances that my passion for personal finance began! Since then, we have made huge sacrifices (aka moving in with mom & dad) and learned so much as a team. We're currently cleaning up a lot of debt and cash flowing our wedding!

Ever since I was a little kid, I've had a minor obsession with money.

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There is money to be saved and there is money to be spent. I prefer to spend mine on Dunkin
iced coffee!

Although I'm a hardcore Dunkin' drinker, Craig and I collect the 'been there' series from Starbucks! 

Our big picture is to build our forever home on our family's property. It's what keeps us motivated with our financial goals!

Checking for flight deals through Southwest is a habit of mine, but it keeps my adventurous spirit alive! 

I'm addicted to creating goals. It's the A type in me that just can't help but grab a pen and paper and add more to the growing list!

"Kate has helped my wife and I look at our money with a completely different perspective."

The Fitzwater Family

My wife and I reached out to Kate when we realized our finances were more in control of us, then we were of them. Kate has helped my wife and I look at our money with a completely different perspective. She taught us to budget, plan, and work together as a team. Since starting her financial coaching plan, we have paid of a significant amount of debt and are on a path to leading a more successful life and marriage! We still find it helpful to have her re-evaluate our finances even months after our initial coaching.

The Kellner Family

"Stop just getting by!"

"Before my fiance and I reached out to Kate, we barely had savings and some weeks were living paycheck to paycheck. Kate came in and completely revamped our finacial lifestyle. She helped us set up a realistic budget and made out goals seem so obtainable. We saved thousands of dollars by sticking with our budget and having a great support system with Kate. We are now in the process of purchasing a home just a year later and couldn't feel more confident with this step in our life. Honestly, we felt uncomfortable having someone looking at our financials but Kate was so nonjudgmental and put us straight at ease and motivated. I would have to recommend financial coaching to anyone who has a goal in life whether it be purchasing a house, paying off a college loan, or simply not living paycheck to paycheck because Kate makes it so doable. Don't just get by but live financially free!"

Kelly Spinosa Kruszynsky

"She helped me create a budget that worked for our family, and did weekly check ins!! Thank you for the support and guidance to work towards our finance goals!"

"Kate Bennett was a pleasure to work with!"