You have goals to reach, debt to pay off, weekend trips to take, and you're ready to win with your money again.

1:1 Money Coaching

Say no more, I'm applying NOW!

It feels impossible to do it all. But I know you can do it and I can show you how.

You trusted your financial decisions and never felt guilty for trips to Starbucks or booking a vacation.

You don't stress about your next paycheck because you have a plan that works.

You had no high interest debt (bye, credit cards!) or even no debt at all.

You never stressed about money. Not only that, but you feel a deep sense of freedom and appreciation for money as a tool to help you reach your goals.

You're confident AF paying off debt and saving money at the same time.

You never overthink, overanalyze, or obsess over your finances, because you've set up systems that automate the process and worked to change your money beliefs.


I want to feel that way!

When I graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship, I had accumulated $10k in credit card debt and $10k in student loans.

It wasn't until I met my fiance, who had six figures of "baggage" with him, I knew we needed to completely transform our financial life!

In the last two years, we have paid over $40k in debt and cash-flowed $20k for our wedding without sacrificing the things that we love!

I now feel in control of our money and confident with our financial decisions.

I'm Kate
Your Money Coach!

You've tried time and time again to take control of your money, but nothing seems to work.

You feel behind. Maybe you feel embarrassed that you aren't farther ahead by now.

You want to start hitting your money goals but have no idea how to start or what direction to go in.

You told yourself you were only going to get a credit card for the points + cash back, but somehow ended up with a balance that seems to be growing too fast to manage.

You're spending more than you earn, but you don't know how to stop.

You want someone to keep you accountable and cheer you on.

You are proud of the income you have, but are equally embarrassed because you have nothing to show for it.

You're ready to put in the work to achieve your money goals faster!


I'm so ready

Week 1: The Starter Kit

Learning the basics of what you need to be successful. With so much noise out there about what you need or don't need, Week 1 makes it simple to figure out what you need to be successful.

Week 2: The Financial Audit

In order to figure out where you want to go, you first need to know exactly where you're at now. Week 2 helps you identify your starting point.

Week 3: The Secret To Success

Learn the insider secrets on what it takes to make financial planning easy, by budgeting and planning effortlessly.

Week 4: Create Your Master Plan

Finances can definitely be overwhelming about what needs to be tackled next and how to plan out exactly what you need to be doing. Week 4 creates a perfectly tailored plan just for you.

Week 5: How To Tackle Debt Quickly

What's better than paying off debt? Paying off debt fast. Week 5 teaches you exactly how to pay off your debt quickly. 

Week 6: Implementation Week

Week 6 is all about applying everything we've learned, and mastering the art of financial planning.

Week 7: Stop the Sabotage & Struggle

Find out why you get stuck, why you have blocks and why growing a bank account has seemed impossible for you.

Week 8: Attract Massive Wealth

Week 8 is all about making money feel easy for you, and finally feeling like money is always going your way.

Week 9: Secret to Sustainable Results

Week 9 teaches you what to do when life throws you curveballs and unexpected things come up. Week 9 is all about showing you how to get massive results no matter what.

Week 10: Saving 101

When and how do you start saving and what are all these confusing terms. This week you will learn how to plan for future expenses.

Week 11: Planning for the Future

Relationships, buy a car vs. lease a car, buying a house, making babies---woah! How to plan for it all and start making financial decisions for the future.

Week 12: Planning for Big Future Investments

Wouldn't it be nice to know the exact day you'll be debt free, be able to buy that engagement ring, save enough for a house or take that life-changing trip to Italy? Week 12 is all about planning out those big future investments so you can start the countdown.


What's included in 1:1 money coaching?

"Kate has helped my wife and I look at our money with a completely different perspective."

The Fitzwater Family

My wife and I reached out to Kate when we realized our finances were more in control of us, then we were of them. Kate has helped my wife and I look at our money with a completely different perspective. She taught us to budget, plan, and work together as a team. Since starting her financial coaching plan, we have paid of a significant amount of debt and are on a path to leading a more successful life and marriage! We still find it helpful to have her re-evaluate our finances even months after our initial coaching.

The Kellner Family

"Stop just getting by!"

"Before my fiance and I reached out to Kate, we barely had savings and some weeks were living paycheck to paycheck. Kate came in and completely revamped our finacial lifestyle. She helped us set up a realistic budget and made out goals seem so obtainable. We saved thousands of dollars by sticking with our budget and having a great support system with Kate. We are now in the process of purchasing a home just a year later and couldn't feel more confident with this step in our life. Honestly, we felt uncomfortable having someone looking at our financials but Kate was so nonjudgmental and put us straight at ease and motivated. I would have to recommend financial coaching to anyone who has a goal in life whether it be purchasing a house, paying off a college loan, or simply not living paycheck to paycheck because Kate makes it so doable. Don't just get by but live financially free!"

Kelly Spinosa Kruszynsky

"She helped me create a budget that worked for our family, and did weekly check ins!! Thank you for the support and guidance to work towards our finance goals!"

"Kate Bennett was a pleasure to work with!" 


A money coach helps guide others by teaching them the basics of money management. A money coach holds you accountable to help you create a healthy, happy, and positive financial life. A money coach helps you uncover your money goals and will help you create an actionable plan to reach them. 


I offer two different money coaching programs:

My 1:1 Money Coaching program is a 12 week program that covers everything from setting money goals, budget creation, your money mindset, and debt payoff strategies.

My 90 Minute Intensive is a one time, 90 minute long meeting where you can ask any questions to help streamline and clarify your money management.


There are so many free resources out there to help you learn about managing your money. No two people are alike, and neither are their personal finances.

If you feel like you have tried all-the-things and are still facing obstacles that keep you from taking control of your finances, then it’s time to ask yourself “Do I continue trying to figure things out on my own or do I make the decision to try something different to finally start reaching my goals?”

Money coaching is an investment in yourself. By making the decision to invest in your financial skills and education, you are motivating yourself to learn, implement, and achieve the change you have been searching for!


Of course! Want to know why? Because you are leaving your comfort zone and your brain is biologically set to make you fear the "unknown." Leaving your comfort zone can be scary, but ask yourself... what is inside your comfort zone? The SAME result you currently have. What is outside your comfort zone? The results you've been dreaming of. It's okay to leave your comfort zone. Think about other times you left your comfort zone and it was the best thing ever: first date, leaving home for college, job interviews, etc. If you want the same results--stay in your comfort zone. If you want the results you dream of...then it's okay to be scared and apply for 1:1 money coaching anyway.